The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Family dates

Yesterday we took turns taking the kids on dates. I took Steph out and Matt took Josh out.

Steph and I visited gran and pops house. We picked fresh oranges from the tree and Steph got to make orange juice. We had lunch there. It was nice having some one on one time with her and them.
I'm so glad she has this relationship with my grandparents. I hope as we take some much needed time off from projects that we can continue to foster these special relationships.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer is in full swing

Today was a good day. This morning we woke up and Matt told me that house we had looked at on no yes road I just sold for $250,000. This made my head spin. I started thinking about how we should sell our house soon so that we can start on our dream of flipping houses. I called my mom and told her about the house and how much it sold for. She was shocked just like I was. We talked about what we need to do to be ready to purchase the property cash like that in the near future. If we can finish the projects on our house and sell it next summer we will have about $150,000 in cash for another purchase. I kept thinking about all the different things that would need to happen and I couldn't even do the house chores like dishes. Then the kids started to wake up Josh was first he came into the room and snuggled in my bed for a little while and ask daddy what he had to go back to work today. Thinking about that really made me look forward to the day where Matt is self-employed and gets to go to work whenever he wants to. Josh played "tummy time" with me where he would play with my belly and lay on my belly just like you used to when I was pregnant with Lucas. Then Stephanie woke up. She was visibly upset and told me that she dreamed about Grover. In her dream we were all playing at the park with Grover. When it was time to go Grover wanted to come home with us. That made her really sad because Grover wanted to be with us but he couldn't. She sat in my lap and she told me her dream and I cuddled with her to help her to feel better and told her that we would see Grover soon. To cheer her up I made her some breakfast and told her that we got to go to the movies that morning to see how to train your Dragon two at the regal theater. I met Susie Wilson at the movie theater and brought the boys in the theater also. While she got monitored at the doctors office for her pregnancy all the kids loved the movie they sat through it perfectly I think it was the easiest time of the theater I've ever had. I told the kids that we could go to the park afterward so once the movie got out I met up with Susie and she said that we could all go play at the same park after we ate lunch. We ran home and I made the kids quesadillas because we are out of bread again. Load them back up in the car and drove to the park in Oceana out by the beach while we were there the kids played and rode scooters Lucas really enjoyed swinging on the swings and kept giggling every time I would kiss him as he went back and forth. Josh fell down a few times riding the scooter so fast on this hill at the park and when I would try to comfort him or ask him if I could kiss it he told me no no all he wanted to do was just go back to playing. When it was time to go Kyle help Stephanie carry the scooters back to the van and put them away after the park we drove to Lynnly Sainsbury's house and swim with Megan Lydia and baby Joe that's the second time we swim at their house and the kids love it I think I will get Lucas a baby floaty of sorts so that he can be more independent while we're at the pool. I had told Stephanie that since we are in San Luis we would try and go see Grover after we swim so once we were all done swimming we loaded in the van and drove over to Owen's house to see if they were home. We got very lucky and Mindy happens to be home so we got to play with Grover and meet their new puppy. The kids did not nap today but I think they had a great time. after we left Owen's house and drove home the kids fell asleep in the van. Today was pretty busy so I think they're pretty wiped out.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's already halfway through June

GSo time goes by really fast. Just gonna put that one out there. My kids are growing up. Months are flying by. Life is busy. I just want to soak up every little minute I have with my kids. From the good to the bad. And just think how much I'm gonna miss this. 

Today was a great day. 
Lazy morning with house work and stuff then we went to Gran and Pops house to pick boysenberries. Because my kids have been so sick we haven't been able to visit them in a long time. 
The kids had a great time playing with all of the toys and magnets and all sorts of interesting things gran could pull out of her closets. It was sweet to see Pop with Lucas. For a little while It felt like he was back, Then He asked me a few times how old lucas was. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

The progress of the master bedroom :-)

So this was the master bedroom when we bought the house. the lights in that ceiling fan were so low Matt could hit his head on it
There was no insulation in the walls And there was mold behind the 2x4s that held the curtains,  there was termite damage in the windowsills termite damage in the floor, horrible flower wallpaper ( that we tried to remove but couldn't) 
And  an ugly closet that wasn't deep enough for clothes. With a strange built in dresser and window? It was not practical at all.  I know we have more pictures somewhere... *Sigh* but oh well. 
So we gutted it completely minus the flooring and put in insulation and recessed lighting and new drywall.
 Sorry Matt I'm gonna throw you under the bus here, but then I let him choose the paint colors. And we lived with dark brown walls, Blue ceiling and no closet for two years. 
Until I made him put this two months ago

Then we finally decided to get our act together and fix/finish the room. Matt skim coated the walls with texture so that it would be very flat, installed new trim and finally the baffles for the lights, painted the walls a wonderful granite gray color by glidden, ceiling and trim an antique white
then he ripped up the old flooring and painted the subfloor the same antique white

The baseboards are drying on the driveway ready to be installed :-) this room is turning out way better than I ever could have imagined! 
I have an amazingly talented husband!!! I mean seriously look how good this room is turning out!!

Getting back into it.

It's taken me a while to build up to this again but I think I'm ready. You can't go backwards, only forward from here :-)

After the horrible flu season we had and the GI tract damage Josh endured, today was the day we finally went to the allergist. 

As you can see they tested him for over 30 food allergies, things he eats on a regular basis. After 20 minutes they told us that none of them were "allergies" but 4 came up borderline sensitivities that we will have to get rechecked with Bloodwork. Those 4 were apples, bananas, green peppers and peanuts. 3 of these 4 things he literally eats everyday. 
They were super nice and gave him a fleet of dinosaurs and he quickly cheered up. From the left they are uncle Joe, uncle Jacob, (soon to be aunt) Christine, uncle Josh, and uncle juston. 
Speaking of the future aunt Christine I finished the invite inserts today :-) nearly 350! My cricut was working hard for several hours. Thanks again mom, we had no idea just how much it would come in handy. :-)

Then here is the fun part of my evening. After we put the kids to bed I decided to tackle the "DIY roman shade mini blinds" thing that I have seen all over Pinterest. 
I had been hesitant to try it because it seemed a bit intimidating and I hadn't even used my new sewing machine yet so it was too much learning to do and I was nervous.  I stumbled across a no see version that involved hot glue and this stuff called stitch witch. I was intrigued so  with all 3 of the kids in bed and Matt was working on the flooring I rushed to good ol Wally World to purchase the stitch Witch. As it goes at walmart I Came home wtb $30 of stuff and I went there for a $2 item. Ahem. Anyway.... I cut the black out curtains I had used in the middle room previously and removed the blinds . 
Lined it all up, stitch witches the hem and  went on to removing the excess slats
Matt decide he wanted only 3 bumps in our shade so I did iced it up and properly spaced the remaining blinds
This is where the hot glue would have come in but I remembered that this particular fabric melts when there is to much heat so I decided to try the magically strong  double sided stick tape roll that Matt has brought home for me. 
It worked like a dream!!! And much less messy than the hot glue would have been.  Then all of a sudden I was done and it felt so great to have taken the time to do something crafty!  :-) I am super pumped to do the rest of our windows Goal: finish all windows by Sunday :-) 

Once the new Romans were up I realized i made them just slightly too wide so I sniped it so it would fit inside the window sil. Now I know they aren't the prettiest things on the block but this was my real first try and I'm sure they will get better and better the more I do :-) 

And here is a little glimps of the work my super cool husband has been doing. We call this house his second job. He goes to work from 8 to 5, comes home and works on the house from 6 to 12, sleep repeat. 
I LOVE my white floors :-) they make my heart happy!!!
And now it's morning and I'm finishing this post. for dinner I made this delicious roast with Italian sausage, chicken, green beans, onions, red potatoes, one packet of Italian seasoning, some salt not to mention it had a cube of butter. But that wasn't my fault it was in the recipe. And of course because it had so much butter it turned out amazing. But everyone else had already eaten so I was the only one who ate it last night and we will eat it for dinner tonight :-) 

From me to you, happy projecting!!! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

End of January

Here we are it is the end of January 2015 and we have been sick for three months. It all started just after Lucas was born. We've had colds, sinus infections, ear infections, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, RSV, the flu the flu again. Having three kids is hard keeping three kids from getting sick is very hard keeping those three kids from getting each other sick is the worst. The only thing that comes out of my mouth is "did you wash your hands?" "don't breathe on your brother" "don't put that in your mouth" "please don't touch your brother" "don't touch your brothers mouth" "don't forget to wash your hands" " here is the sanitizer" "let's go wash your hands" 

I can only imagine how much worse it is the more kids you add to the mix. How do you keep a 2yr old in isolation especially a boy I might add. 

I am the type of mom that likes to go and do things with my kids. We go for walks go to the beach, have play dates, go to friends houses. And I am so trapped because with one or more of them being sick all the time it makes it really hard to leave the house. I am not good at the lets stay home and play. That to me means a lot of cleaning and recleaning. 

How do you clean after your kids have been sick? How do you purge your home of the germs that are all over the place? How long are you actually contagious for and how do you keep yourself from getting sick, While taking care of your children who are very sick and just wanna cuddle in your lap. 

I don't think I've ever been more grateful for the times where we are all healthy. They never seem like a big deal until you go so long without being healthy. The funny thing is, we just recently started eating much healthier because of what I can and cannot consume while breastfeeding Lucas. 
I guess I just wanted to rant a little cause it's very frustrating. 
Know if your child is sick and if it's contagious before you take them to a public place or even to just a friends house. It's ok to miss social events because you or your children are sick. Your friends and family will still be your friends when your better. And they should thank you for not spreading the germs.